Privacy Policy

Jan 15, 2024

Inboxland Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Data:

  • Access to Third-Party Accounts: Access to Stripe account; Data types as per Stripe's privacy policy.

  • Analytics: Google Analytics; Data: Cookies, Usage Data.

  • User Contact: Newsletter and mailing list; Data: email address.

  • Content Display from External Platforms: Google Fonts; Data: Usage Data, as per policy.

  • Heat Mapping and Session Recording: Hotjar; Data: Cookies, Usage Data, as specified.

  • Social Network and Platform Interaction: Facebook widgets; Data: Cookies, Usage Data.

  • Platform Services and Hosting: Webflow; Data types as per policy.

Contact Information:

  • Owner and Data Controller: Inboxland AI

  • Email:

  • Registered Address:

    Plot No. 88, Road No. 15, Next to Sunpharma

    MIDC Andheri East

    Mumbai - 400093

Owner and Data Controller:

The Data Controller for Inboxland AI, as defined in the privacy policy, refers to the entity that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data collected through Inboxland services. This includes deciding what data is collected, how it's used, and ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Responsibilities of the Data Controller include:

  1. Ensuring Compliance: Adhering to relevant data protection laws, like the GDPR.

  2. Data Processing Decisions: Determining the types of data collected, processing purposes, and methods.

  3. Security Measures: Implementing appropriate security protocols to protect data against unauthorized access or breaches.

  4. User Rights Management: Facilitating users' rights such as access, rectification, deletion, and portability of their data.

  5. Legal Obligations: Fulfilling legal requirements like responding to lawful requests from authorities.

As the Data Controller, Inboxland AI is accountable for these responsibilities and serves as the primary contact point for users regarding personal data matters. Users seeking information or wanting to exercise their data rights should direct their queries to Inboxland AI

Data Collection Types

The Data Collection Types section in Inboxland's privacy policy covers the various forms of personal data that the platform gathers. This includes:

  1. Usage Data: Information on how the application is accessed and used, like page visits and time spent on each page.

  2. Cookies: Small data files stored on the user’s device to enhance user experience.

  3. Email Address: Collected for communication purposes, such as newsletters or service updates.

Purpose and Mode of Data Processing

  1. Service Delivery: Using data to provide and improve Inboxland's services.

  2. Legal Compliance: Ensuring that data handling complies with legal obligations.

  3. User Communication: Utilizing email addresses for direct communication with users.

  4. Analytics: Analyzing usage data to optimize the service.

The mode of processing involves secure, IT-enabled methods with strict adherence to confidentiality and data protection principles. This may involve third-party services for tasks like hosting or analytics, under the strict guidelines set by Inboxland.

Legal Basis of Processing

  1. Consent: Inboxland processes data based on user consent. Users can withdraw this consent at any time.
    Contractual Necessity: Data processing is essential for fulfilling Inboxland's service agreement with its users.

  2. Legal Obligations: Compliance with legal requirements necessitates certain data processing activities.

  3. Legitimate Interests: Inboxland may process data for legitimate business interests, like enhancing services or security measures, unless overridden by user rights.

Data Processing Location and Data Retention

  1. Processing Location: Inboxland processes data primarily in the country of its headquarters, but also in other locations where third-party service providers operate.

  2. International Transfers: Data may be transferred across borders, adhering to legal standards for international data transfer.

  3. Retention Period: Data is retained as long as necessary for providing services, complying with legal obligations, or as per consent provided by users. Post the necessary period, data is either securely deleted or anonymized.

Retention Criteria: Factors influencing retention include the nature of data, purpose of processing, and legal or regulatory requirements.

Detailed Processing Information:

  • Third-Party Account Access: Authorization required for account access (e.g., Stripe).

  • Analytics: Monitoring web traffic and user behavior (e.g., Google Analytics).

  • User Contact: Email communication for newsletters, promotional information.

  • External Content Display: Integration of external content (e.g., Google Fonts).

  • Heat Mapping/Session Recording: User interaction analysis (e.g., Hotjar).

  • Social Interaction: Social network widgets (e.g., Facebook).

  • Platform Services: Hosting and operational services (e.g., Framer).

User Rights:

  1. Withdraw Consent: Users can withdraw their consent for data processing at any time.

  2. Object to Processing: Users have the right to object to data processing, especially for marketing or based on legitimate interests of Inboxland.

  3. Access Data: Users can request access to their personal data held by Inboxland.

  4. Verify and Rectify Data: Users can verify the accuracy of their data and request corrections.

  5. Restrict Processing: Under certain conditions, users can request that data processing be limited.

  6. Data Deletion: Users can request the deletion of their personal data when it's no longer needed.

  7. Data Portability: Users have the right to receive their data in a portable format and transfer it to another entity.

  8. Lodge Complaints: Users can lodge a complaint with data protection authorities regarding data processing activities.

How to Exercise User Rights:

  • Users can exercise their rights by sending requests to Inboxland's provided contact details, such as email or postal address. These requests are processed in accordance with legal requirements and timelines.

Cookie Policy:

  • Inboxland uses various trackers, including cookies, for functional, analytical, and marketing purposes. Detailed information on the types of cookies used, their purpose, and user options for managing preferences can be found in Inboxland's dedicated Cookie Policy.

Legal Action and Additional Data Information:

  • Legal Action: Inboxland may use personal data in legal proceedings if necessary, such as for defending its rights or in response to legal requests.

  • System Logs and Maintenance: For operational and maintenance purposes, system logs may be collected, containing user interaction data.

  • Additional Data Information: Users can request additional information regarding data processing practices at any time.

Handling of "Do Not Track" Requests:

  • Inboxland does not support "Do Not Track" requests. Third-party services used by the application may or may not honor such requests, as per their privacy policies.

Privacy Policy Changes:

  • Inboxland reserves the right to modify its privacy policy. Users will be notified of significant changes through various channels, like on the website or via email.

Legal Information:

  • The privacy policy is formulated in compliance with multiple legislations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It applies exclusively to Inboxland and its services, unless explicitly stated otherwise.